Mission & Practice

Mission and Practice


Our mission is to inspire and empower youth and parents to create a happier community for themselves and their circle of influence through education and counseling that equips them with the necessary life tools to navigate today's mental health issues .

We provide a multi-layered approach to inspiration and empowerment based on our client's needs. Each of our empowerment programs provides social and emotional resources and support for the various challenges that our youth, parents, families and communities are facing in today's world.

Our Total Teen Empowerment & Counseling Experience is tailored to the social, emotional, and behavioral interventions needed by our young people, middle to college-aged, for situations such as anxiety, depression, adjustment and motivational deprivation.  Various methods are offered to connect virtually.

Virtual Counseling and the Total Teen Experience

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 Parent Community: Parent Toolkit and Connections

Receive a valuable service that will equip you with tools, strategies and connections to better support your parenting. Our Parent Coaching & Emotional Support Program is tailored to your family's needs. You'll receive access to resources to generate family-centric tools to help navigate the home and educational settings. Let us inspire and empower your family to take the necessary steps to be happy and productive as individuals, as well as, the family unit.  

Tune into Life!  Every Heartbeat Matters! www.tuneintolife.org

A community-centric model for change, the community alliance will be driven by youth, parents and the community to create a positive shift in the culture of the community.  Aiming to create a culture of caring, connection, empowerment and inspiration for youth and their families, the purpose of the Tune into Life projects will be unifying, connecting, supporting and inspiring a healthy, productive personal development of youth within the home, schools and the community.  Youth voice is at the heart of this process.