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Programs & Inspiration

Tools, Strategies, Interventions & Collaboration

Virtual Counseling/Coaching for 12-25 Year Olds

teen voice is amazing

Counseling/Coaching Includes:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Approaches to Understanding Brain Development

  • Executive Functioning Support and Tools for Management

  • Short-term, Solution-Focused Approach 

  • Specializing in Anxiety and Anxiety-related Behaviors

  • Use of Polyvagal Theory to better understand and manageEmotional Regulation

  • Implementation of Mental Health Literacy for long term change

Parent Toolkit Seminars

families are the key

Healthy growth begins with healthy family connections. Navigating a healthy and joyful life experience for your youth and/or your family often is affected by how successful the school/college experience is for your youth/young adult. Learn how to navigate the educational landscape.  Learn how to parent adolescents and young adults through tools, conversations, interventions and professional counseling support.  Your family can learn to connect, re-connect, and develop strategies to support health and happiness in day to day life.

*The ASK Suicide Prevention Training is also available to parent groups to be better equipped at knowing the signs/symptoms of people in distress and with potential to harm themselves or others.

Engage and Heal Foundation!  *Be Inspired to Connect! 

community matters

Helping youth, parents and the community create a culture-norm shift that allows and encourages conversation regarding Mental Health and its challenges is at the foundation of the Engage and Heal Foundation, based in Austin, Texas. Through the use of teaching Mental Health Literacy through presentations, panels, events and virtual/in-person gatherings, we aim to erase the stigma around asking for support for mental health challenges.


Engage and Heal Foundations gatherings, open to all, will be scheduled throughout the year:

  • Teen mental health awareness, signs, symptoms and supports (Youth Mental Health First Aid)

  • Knowledgeable Experts sharing tools to create inspiration for all

  • Youth Summits to generate community connections infused with youth voice

  • Connecting with youth, families and community to create opportunities to learn about Mental Health Literacy,  for sharing of  'your story',  to get support for you and/or your family and basic connection

  • Check out our site at 

Emotional Intelligence and Engagement Presentations

classroom settings too

Creating a system of support for ALL young people can be challenging or inspirational. Have your

youth church group, service organization, or business that employs young adults find inspiration through understanding how to connect with this generation of learners in a way that allows growth both in performance as well as socially/emotionally:

  • Customized Presentations for your campus, PTO/A, social organization, church group)

  • Team-building Tools 

  • Leadership Training

  • Bullying Prevention Programming (Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Trainer)


Fees by Service:

  • Initial consult by phone: no charge (15 minutes)

  • Virtual Sessions: $130/50 minutes or $70 for 30 minutes

  • Adult (Parent) Virtual or Phone Sessions and Consults: $50 for 30 minutes

  • Customized Group Presentations/Trainings: $250/hour (+ $25 per person for workbooks, as needed) 

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