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Mission & Purpose

Our mission is inspiring people to create a better world for themselves, their circle of influence, and their community through collaboration and alliance. Through the Total Teen Counseling Experience, Parent Coaching/Educational Support, and the i2c  Community Alliance in Action, comprehensive social and emotional resources and support for the youth, parents, and community will be accessible through a three-pronged prevention and intervention approach:









Prong One: Total Teen Experience -Youth Counseling Support:

Tailoring social, emotional, and behavioral interventions for each youth.  Process and interventions for individual youth/teen sessions include experientially-based activities to create inspiration through movement (rather than just 'talk-therapy'.) Teen brain development research supports that young people develop their executive functioning skills such as self-monitoring, decision making, emotional regulation and ability to feel empathy, through positive experiences and reflective activities.  Kids need to fire up their brains through activity to learn about themselves!

Prong Two: Parent Coaching and Educational Support

Creating tailored family supports by collaborating with vetted local counseling support resources and generating family-centric tools to help navigate the home and educational settings. Utilizing locally vetted counseling support and local expert resources, let us inspire your family to take the necessary steps to be happy and productive as individuals and as a family unit, both at home and within the school setting, in an easy-to-access manner.


Prong Three: Community Support - Alliance in Action { i2C }

A community-centric model for change, the community alliance will be driven  by youth, parents and community to create a shift in  the culture of the community.  Aiming to create a culture of caring, connection and inspiration for the youth and their families, the purpose of the local community alliance will be unifying, connecting, supporting and inspiring a healthy, productive development for youth within the schools and the community.  Youth voice is at the heart of this process.

peer support is critical
kids being active
teens being active
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