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Programs and Inspiration: Tools, Strategies, Interventions and Collaboration

Total Teen  

Specializing in 11-20 year olds, this customized counseling approach is created  to match your child's

unique disposition, perspective and voice with experientially-based approaches:   

  • Motivational Interviews (emphasis on Developmental Assets Framework)

  • Art, Music, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle, Sports-based

  • Solution-focused Brief Counseling Model

  • Service Learning 

  • Student-Centered Planning

  • Growth Coaching with Customized Growth Matrices

  • Teen Leadership Development

  • Teen Leadership Retreats 

  • Re-entry from Treatment Supports

Family Coaching

Healthy growth begins with healthy family connections. Navigating a healthy and joyful life experience for your

youth and/or your family often is affected by  how successful the school experience is for your youth. Learn

how to navigate the educational landscape. Through the following modalities, your family can learn to

connect, re-connect, and develop strategies to support health and happiness in day to day life:

                                                                                         - Solution-focused Planning

                                                                                          -Customized Family Growth Matrix

                                                                                          -Family-centered Team-building

                                                                                         -School Landscape Navigation Tools



School-Based Social/Emotional Programming 

Creating a system of support for ALL learners can be challenging or inspirational. Have your

district leadership find inspiration through understanding how to connect with this generation of learners

in a way that allow growth both academically and socially/emotionally:

  • Team-building Tools

  • Protective Factor Tools with Developmental Assets Framing (evidence-based)

  • Experientially based Intervention Strategies

  • Bullying Prevention Programming (Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Trainer)


Community Alliance in Action (Community-Centric Model) *inspire2connect

Helping youth, parents and the community create a culture-norm shift into an authentic alliance is key

to  community inclusion;  generating  solutions for the challenges we face growing our kids into

healthy adults is at the heart of the Alliance:

  • Alliance gatherings, open to all, quarterly with focus on action planning and creating necessary supports

  • Grassroots Squads equipped to mentor youth, teens, parents and/or families

  • Knowledgeable Experts sharing tools to create inspiration for all

  • Youth Summits to generate community connections infused with youth voice

  • Connecting with youth, families and community to produce less stress, anxiety, depressions and  

        self harm

Fees are based on income of family; sliding scale fees available.

  • Hourly: $150

  • Initial consult/intake: no charge (30 minutes)

  • Wrap Around Services: Fees based on necessary intervention plan with counselingn collaborative

  • Not accepting insurance; will provide receipt to submit for reimbursement

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